The Federal State Unitary enterprise, Institute in Physical and Technical Problems of the Federal Agency of Atomic Energy was founded in 1992 for the purpose of developement, manufacturing and application at the enterprises of Rosatom and other industries analitical semiconductor detector devices, detecting ionising radiation units, radioisitope devices for technological monitoring and technolocal process automation plastic scintillators for special purposes.

The Institute works on the basis of the Statute (registration No. 0800599 of 13.01.93). It is an independent economic subject with the right of juridical person, has an independent balance, settlement and other accounts in banks, a seal with its name, letterheads, a firm name, and a trade mark.

Institute has the following license of the Federal Ekological, Technological and Atomic Inspectorate Service

IPTP has a certificate of conformity of quality management system to ISO 9001-2001.

The basic production of IPTP are composition analysers, x-ray, alpha and gamma radiation spectrometers amd radiometers based on the silicon and germanium detectors, nature diamond dosemeter devices for radiation medicine, wide nomenclature of radioisotope devices

IPTP renders services on the installation project developement of the radioisotope devices, document preparation for obtaing of the sanitary epidemiological approval, mounting, start-and-adjustment of production, delivery of level meters, density meters, humidity meters of the firm “Berthold Technology GbmH” (Germany)complete with IPTP’s gamma radiation units, device testing for type approval.

IPTP’s developement prospects are connected with creation of the modern ionisung radiation measurement device based on the wide-gap semiconductors (CdTe,CdZnTe), physical security systems of the nuclear objects to avoid the illegal radioactive material circulation, radiation monitoring of radioactive material transportation.